Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Cover

Introducing Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Covers – the best and only power point safety covers that protects the power point when plugs are plugged in!

The Micky Ha Ha Power Point Safety Cover completely stops children having access to power points whether in use or not. The clear rounded design allows the user to see the status of the power point without removing the cover but stops children being able to pull plugs out, turn switches on or off or insert items into the power point.

The cover comes in two parts, the base (which attaches to the wall) and the top cover. The base fits snuggly around the power point and the top cover clips on to the base with 2 child resistant catches. Appliance cords are directed out through slots in the cover.

The cover can be turned so cords can be directed out either the top or bottom. Perfect for higher power points such as air conditioner plugs to stop cords dangling. The cover is designed to suit power cords and some smaller horizontal plugpack chargers.

Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.